What Is Everlastingathiesim.com?

Everlasting Atheism the middle ground between atheists and Catholics. We are centred around three major things: reason, dialogue, and faith. In this website, you will find various articles, videos and a comment box where you can discuss some of life’s biggest questions.


What Sets This Website Apart From The Rest?

Most of the websites that have religious discussions aim either to bash Christianity or to bash atheism. However, this site does not aim to embarrass anyone’s belief or to assault anyone’s character. We aim to pursue the truth through fruitful discussions. Through healthy dialogue, we shall be able to hold the truth in order to know the right path to follow.

How Does This Website Make Discussions Charitable?

We have a Comment, Rules and Tips document that clearly outline how comments should be made. We also do not allow anonymous comments. Everyone has to log in using one of the social media sites to create accountability.

Why Does The Website Choose Catholic And Not Christianity In General?

Over the years, Catholics and atheists have mischaracterized each other. Catholics seem to be focused on mainstream science while atheists seem to be constantly fixated on the mold of Richard Dawkins.

From Our Blog

Design a Prayer Room

How to Design a Prayer Room

You probably heard that praying is beneficial. For some, if they pray, they might ask what's in it for them. But if you set aside religious beliefs and practices, you'll still wonder how prayer can leave a great impact on someone's life. So if you are planning on having a prayer room inside your house or you already have one, then you might want to decorate the room amazingly. Along with the prayer room you should also find affordable insurance ...
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Focused Blogs

Top 10 Atheism-Focused Blogs You May Want to Follow

If you consider yourself as an atheist or one who do not believe in God or in any higher being, you will surely need a platform where you can express your thoughts or explore a variety of philosophies. In this article, we’ll give you a list of atheism-focused blogs you may want to follow as an atheist or someone who simply take interested in atheistic philosophies. Atheist Revolution This blog is a place for those who want an escape from ...
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All About Workplace: How Religion Impacts Revenue

Religion and business may seem to be two different areas to many people—until they realize that they can still affect one another. For those who are strong in faith, they want to include their beliefs in the mission and vision of their business. There seems to be nothing wrong with having religion as the backbone of their business. Some even proudly include their faith in their brochures for marketing. A valid question asked by Secret Hideout Pte Ltd expert is, ...
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Kratom Bad or Good

Are the Effects of Kratom Bad or Good?

Many people have been using kratom as an alternative to doctor-prescribed drugs. According to research published by payspi we know that kratom is known to give pain relief quickly like some other drugs such as heroin or opium, there have been some claims of its deadly side effects. That’s why the FDA has blocked kratom from entering the US ever since 2015. Amidst all the claims and rumors though, what is the real deal with kratom anyway? Is it really ...
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Travel Tours Benefit Students

How Travel Tours Benefit Students

Learning has been seen as a process of acquiring new knowledge, but this does not mean that it should be limited only to classrooms. Nowadays, students learn more from student tours rather than reading only from books. That said, here are 5 reasons why student travel tours are efficient in today’s time. Heighten an individual’s Perspective A student’s or rather a person’s perspectives towards other culture is a bit lacking, especially when that person has been confined in their own ...
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Proper Etiquette and Dress Codes When Visiting Religious Places

Religious places are a representation of sacred grounds. Different religious places hold varying degrees of what they expect their followers to hold. Among such concerns include proper attire and behavior at religious places. If you are not sure how to rock your favorite custom t shirts, here is what you should consider. Be Modest While being flamboyant is a concept that might be in your daily activities in life, while visiting a religious place, try to cut on some choices ...
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Correlation Between Marijuana

The Correlation Between Marijuana Use And The Lack Of Religion

Several countries have legalized to Buy CBD oil and use it. It was not an easy road as there were protests against its legalization, especially from religious groups. In countries that have not yet legalized marijuana, moral police and religious organizations have played a big role in making sure it does not happen. History Of Marijuana Use And Religion Modern religions in most if not all countries are against the use of marijuana, whether it’s for medical use or recreational ...
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Adam And Eve: The Scientific Possibility

Until the development of the Darwinian evolution, most people believed that humans evolved from Adam and Eve. This has been challenged by science on two fronts. They are discussed in detail below. Instant Appearance Of Humans The Christian belief that man suddenly appeared has been explained in the theory of evolution from primates to modern man. Through palaeontology, there has been a discovery of improvement of tools made by early humans. The tools suggest progress from primitive to intellectual form ...
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Does Religion Have A People Problem?

One of the four horsemen, Daniel Dennet, proposed that those who perceive themselves as atheists should call themselves ‘brights’. This will distinguish them from the rest of the population who believe in supernatural activities. In light of this, many atheists brought what they believed to be evidence that some of the smart people in the society should be atheist (smart, in this context, means physical science practitioners.) In most instances, scientists who are atheists and do not believe in any ...
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Atheists’ Bad Attitudes Towards Theists

There are three bad attitudes that atheists have towards theists on the existence of God. Find out more about this below. All Religion Contradicts Science There are several religious beliefs that contradict science. Hinduism states that human beings have existed for billions of years. Christianity, on the other hand, believes that human beings have existed for only 6,000 years. Just because the scientific conclusions are not in line with some of the religious beliefs does not mean that religion is ...
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The Historical Argument For God

The argument about the existence of God is both strong and weak. It is strong in that it based on actual events that have occurred on earth and there are witnesses to the event. Facts are more convincing that principles. However, it is weak since the data only give strong clues and not proofs, below are some of the argument from history. History Is Meaningful The history of humans has a storyline. It is not random. Everything that happens has ...
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Defining Theism Without Religion And Its Reverse

Religion is a structure of practices that are divine in nature. It is a belief system. Aquinas saw religion as a virtue. Virtue can be defined as the perfection of the soul's power. It is found in all of us.  With this definition, we all have a religion. We are capable of having something divine just as we are capable of having courage. To be human is to be religious. The only distinction that separates us is the degree in ...
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Does The Cosmic Existence Reveal God’s Reality?

Everything has a reason for coming to be this includes the cosmos. Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist, suggests that the universe simply exists. Therefore, the big question is, ‘Does the cosmos have a purpose or does it simply exists?’ The Big Bang Theory Atheistic scientists seek to avoid any theological implications about this theory by redefining it in a way it would avoid the need for God. They eliminate having the need of a powerful divine being by attempting to ...
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The Varieties Of Atheism And The Most Defensible Of All

Religion has two aspects: practical and theoretical. The practical aspect involves the moral rituals and the teachings. The theoretical aspect involves metaphysical commitments and how practical teaching is articulated. Atheists take different attitudes from the two aspects. It could be respectful or hostility. The attitudes of an atheist towards religion can be summarized in the following: The Theoretical Side The religious belief has no serious intellectual content and is more of a superstition than a fact. The agreements offered in ...
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Catholic Church As A Force For Good: How Real Is It?

The western civilization can be greatly attributed to the Catholic Church. However, atheists say that there is no amount of good that the church can do to outweigh the evil it has done. There is without a doubt that the church has committed some malicious acts, but is they enough to consider it completely evil? There are three principal evils that the church is said to be guilty of. The first is religious violence. The Catholic Church is guilty of ...
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Does Conscience Have To Do With The Existence Of God?

Ever since the beginning, God has left us clues that point towards the existence of a divine being. The biggest clue is the existence of a conscience. This tells us that there is not only a divine being, but there is also a personal God. John Cardinal Newman suggests that that conscience is the divine moral legislator. Where Does Our Conscience Come From? Through catechism, we learn that conscience is judgment or reason that has moral sovereignty over us. The ...
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