The First Hour: The Service of Evening Prayer – Live from Bethany Lutheran Church, Naperville, Ill


The Second Hour: Interview with Pastor May, Live from Nairobi


If you would like to ask Pastors May or Fisk a question during the live interview, click on the Youtube icon on the bottom right of the video to watch on the Youtube page. Once there, log in to your Google account and submit your question in the comment area. Peter will be monitoring the comments for questions to pass along during the interview.

The Third Hour: The Service of Compline – Live from Bethany Lutheran Church, Naperville, Ill




The purpose of this page is to keep you up to speed on everything that is happening as we prepare for this watershed event for world Lutheranism, world Christianity, and, of course, Lutherans in Africa!

You can RSVP for the event via Facebook by going here: Vigil for Africa

To learn more about Lutherans in Africa or to donate to the capital campaign to build a new training center, visit their website here: Lutherans in Africa

UPDATE ON MAY 30 – Prayer Inserts for the Vigil now available!

Download the Prayer Insert (.docx)

Here it is! The last tool you need for the Vigil for Africa – Live from Nairobi. This is the prayer insert to be used during times of silence, for contemplation and the pursuit of prayers for the needs of all people. It is intended for printing back to back, two pages per 8 1/2 x 11, and distributed with the bulletins. Congregations and worshipers outside of the United States will want to proofread the document in order to replace references to the home nation and national leaders with the appropriate terminology. We would like to provide one for every possible nation, but are limited by time and resources.
We look forward to praying with you for the Church throughout the whole world, and especially for Lutherans in Africa!

Download the Prayer Insert (.docx)
UPDATE ON MAY 11 – Orders of Service for the Vigil now available! Read below for details.


The time is getting closer for the Vigil for Africa – Live from Nairobi, part of the “Building Foundations for Lutherans in Africa” international campaign. We rejoice that you’ve decided to be a part of this HUGELY important endeavor. Here are the worship resources that will help make it simple for you to participate, whether viewing online or hosting your own local event.  These resources can be used as little or as much as you desire. Congregations may wish to create more complex services, with extra accompaniment, or they may wish to experience the entire Vigil a cappella. This order of service is considered a suggestion to help you navigate the evening. Download the order of service by clicking on these links: A Vigil for Africa Orders 8×11(.docx), A Vigil for Africa Orders 8×11(PDF), or A Vigil for Africa Orders 11×14(.docx) (Note: the docs and pdf are not in booklet form. Putting the pages into booklet order will need to be accomplished by the printer, whether through the Microsoft software, or by other means.)

Perhaps the most confusing “tidbit” in the bulletin is the “00:00” numbers in the right hand columns. These are suggested time markers for the hour, for the pastor or leader to gauge how fast or slow to move the service in order to remain on schedule. Generally speaking, times of silent reflection can be used to catch up or slow down to get back on the mark.

There is one final piece of printable information that will be forthcoming the week of the event itself, and that is an insert that will contain prayer requests of individuals and groups to be reflected on during specific times of quietness (as indicated.) As of this date, we have only one request. So, we need your help! Please begin and continue to post your prayer requests to the Vigil event page on facebook, whether they are for gigantic petitions like the return of Jesus, or more personal needs, such as the health of yourself or your loved ones. It doesn’t matter. Our Lord said, “Ask and you shall receive,” and we mean to take him at his word. As we pray for the good missionary work of Lutherans in Africa, we also want to lift the needs of all God’s people in every place.

We are so thankful that you are part of this awesome endeavor. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Peace to you!

What is the Vigil for Africa?

The Vigil for Africa – Live from Nairobi is a key element in the broader national campaign for Lutherans in Africa, “Building Foundations for Africa” which is all about raising awareness and creating a sustainable response to the ongoing need for biblical education in Africa. The vigil itself has four goals meant to support the broader campaign:


1. To implore the Lord of the Harvest to send and sustain workers in his Harvest fields.

2. To petition our Lord to specifically bless and enhance the mission of Lutherans in Africa.

3. To increase the hearer’s understanding of the Biblical theology of our Lord’s mission.

4. To generate far-reaching commitment and awareness of Lutherans in Africa as an organization authentically committed to faith in that mission.


These goals will come together in a single, three-hour prayer vigil, held internationally and translocally in congregations throughout the world. For these three hours, the same liturgies, songs and prayers will be lifted up by those who desire that our Lord turn his merciful eye toward the people of Africa, and grant them much fruit in his harvest of eternal life.

Hour 1 of the Vigil will take place entirely locally, June 1st at 2am Greenwich Mean Time, which is 9pm May 31st Central Daylight Time and 5am June 1st Nairobi time. Congregations will gather in their local churches and participate in a special service of the hours, including readings, psalms, hymns and times of silence. This hour will also be broadcast via the internet live from Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, Illinois, in order for those without local participating parishes to join in the event.

Hour 2 of the Vigil will take place trans-globally, as Rev. Jonathan Fisk interviews Rev. Missionary James May of Lutherans in Africa, as well as selected African co-workers in the Gospel of his choice, broadcast live via the internet. Local parishes will view the broadcast according to their means, preferably via a projector and screen, perhaps in a parish hall. The interview will be twofold, covering both: 1. the real life work of Lutherans in Africa, and 2. the Biblical theology of Mission and the Church.

Hour 3 of the Vigil will return to the local service of prayers, mirroring the first hour and bring closer to our joint cry of “Lord, have mercy,” on behalf of the people of Africa.

How to Pull this Off?

The Lutherans in Africa “Vigil for Africa” event page (which many of you have already joined) will serve as ground zero for the virtual network by which we will all pull this ground-breaking event together. Along with providing tools and updates on information, Jonathan Fisk (myself) and Peter Slayton of Worldview Everlasting TV will be available there to answer any questions you might have about the process and calendar leading up to the event. Your local event will be generally simple, requiring only one pastor or committed lay person (with pastor’s awareness) in order to spearhead the event. The volunteer efforts of a local musician will be helpful, but not necessary. All worship materials will be provided for you in pdf form, including liturgy, psalms, prayers, readings and hymns.

The primary challenge of the local organizer will be the setup of technology required to stream Hour 2 of the Vigil. Ideally, this hour will take place somewhere other than the sanctuary, due to the need for a screen. However, it will be up to the local congregation to decide how best to do this. In the case of smaller congregations who might expect only a few attendee’s, a laptop with a set of external speakers might suffice.  In most cases, the congregation will want to have a projector, a screen, a portable computer, and a strong wifi signal. The event itself will stream via Youtube, so there is no special software required to receive the stream. Again, both Peter and myself are available to walk you through any special decisions you need to make.

Each local event is encouraged to involve as many people in the planning as possible, but a sole pastor committed to the cause will also be able to organize the event himself, should the need arise.


Local publicity to the event will be left to the channels each local organizer desires to use. The LIA Campaign logo is available for specifically this purpose, so feel free to pirate it off of the Facebook page.

Organizer’s Timeline

1. RSVP on the Facebook Page and let us know via message or email that your congregation (Name, Location and Pastor) are holding a local vigil event.

2. Seek out local volunteers as needed for: publicity, bulletin printing, accompaniment and technology.

3. Download the worship materials from the Facebook page as soon as they become available. (Early May, 2013)

4. Tell everyone and their mom about the event! 😀

5. Enjoy the experience and lift up your voice to our Lord on the 31st of May, 2013 AD.

Thank you for your participation! We look forward to praying with you soon!


Download the Capital Campaign Promotional Brochure (.pdf)

Download the Home Gathering Bible study material (.docx)

Learn how to be a LIA Supporting Congregation (.docx)

Capital Campaign information and testimonial (.pdf)