Way back in 2010, Worldview Everlasting started with Pastor Fisk doing two videos a week – Greek Tuesday and AskDaPastor Friday. In late 2012, he was joined by P.A.M. and they experimented with¬†live broadcasts that eventually came to be called “Hangin’ Out”. With over 500 videos between these three shows, Pastor Fisk covered hundreds of Bible verses and answered hundreds of questions that came in from viewers. With the launch of our new flagship show, Worldview Everlasting, we’re taking everything from those shows and turning them up to 11!

But we know you love Classic WEtv, so they’ll always be around for you to binge watch while you wait for the next Lightning Cut, Grappling or Worldview Everlasting episode. We’ve even arranged each one in to a nice playlist for you right on this page! Aren’t we helpful? Of course, Youtube limits embedded playlists to 200 videos, so to experience the full awesomeness, head on over to the Youtube channel by clicking on the heading for each playlist on this page.

AskDaPastor 2.0

Greek Tuesday

Hangin’ Out