U Got Questions? WE Got Answers!

We get a lot of questions, so while it might take some time for us to get to your question, the ones submitted here will be answered on one of our shows. We have no way to tell you which one, so you’ll just have to keep up with them all!

To help you ask your question here are some tips:

1. State the question in such a way that will have broad application.
2. In general, we wish to avoid commenting on specific persons or circumstances. No inside baseball!
3. Think of the character limit as an encouragement to fine-tune your question. Submitting multiple forms that continue your question will work against you!
4. While we are pastors, we can’t be your pastor (unless you attend one of our congregations). We encourage you to speak to your pastor if your question involves a very personal matter. In fact, you should be asking your pastor first!