Friday, 12 January 2018


Dear Friends and Supporters of Worldview Everlasting,

The Board of Directors of Worldview Everlasting voted on Thursday, 11 January 2018, to begin the process of dissolving the 501c3 non-profit organization.

The Board of Directors and all involved remain unquestionably committed to the goals of WEtv, providing solid, Christian, free entertainment, preaching the hope of the Gospel to the world, and we are confident that this dissolution will, in fact, create more opportunities to expand the work we set out to accomplish over two years ago. The dissolution of the 501c3 non-profit organization does not mean the end of Worldview Everlasting’s goals and mission.

A few details.

First, all the content you love will remain available. All the video content published on the YouTube channel will remain available. Pastor Fisk will be posting video updates there, and we expect the channel to remain an active place to engage our culture with the truth of the Scriptures. We are taking steps to ensure the content on the website will remain accessible. The Facebook Dojo will continue to be a place of growth and support for all involved, and Peter will shepherd the conversation as it takes a new shape.

Second, we are following all the legal requirements for the dissolution of a 501c3. This takes some time, and we will keep you all updated (on the website, in the Dojo, and on the YouTube channel) as we reach major milestones.

Third, we are deeply grateful to all our supports and donors for the gifts that have kept us going. We have stopped taking donation towards the 501c3. If you are a monthly online giver, your donation has already been cancelled. You don’t need to do anything to stop it. If your bank automatically mails a check each month, please notify your bank and cancel that donation. If you give via Amazon Smile, please change your account to a new charity. If you assign Thrivent Choice dollars to WEtv, please redirect them.

We will keep you all informed as Pastor Fisk, Peter Slayton, and the other content creators sort out what new projects and endeavors will emerge. Exciting stuff!

Thank you for your support of WEtv and all its faces over the years. Thank you for your prayers now. This is not a scenario any of us planned on facing, but it is our hope that through the midst of it, an even more exciting future will emerge.  We know with certainty that all things work for the good of the Gospel, and we submit these next steps to that hope, which has been our great joy and purpose from the beginning.

In the confidence of Christ’s mercy,

WEtv Board of Directors:
Pastor Jonathan Fisk
Pastor Matt Richard
Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller

Notice of Dissolution