We’ve gotten a couple questions about why no new videos are showing up here on the website. Well…it’s because for the last few weeks we’ve been posting them to Facebook first and then uploading them to Youtube. We’re in the middle of a vacation/break time for both Pastor Fisk and Peter the Awesome Monkey. Pastor Fisk had a couple weeks of vacation early this summer, but had pre-recorded enough shows for Peter to edit and upload through June. Then when he got back, Peter had to be at the LCMS convention all last week and this week will be taking a family vacation overseas. Which means that he is not able to do any editing for July and possibly in to August a bit.

BUT…we still have content going out. Both Pastor Fisk and Pastor Wolfmueller are doing direct-to-Facebook videos, answering your questions and sharing their thoughts as we always do. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still watch them at The Official WEtv page.  And some of those videos are getting uploaded to our Youtube channel, so you can check them out over there. We are doing our best to keep the content coming while we also take some much needed vacation time.

AND…when we come back in August (or perhaps September, depending on a few things), we’ll have some new awesomeness for you!! So stay tuned over on Youtube and Facebook and we’ll be back here soon!

Oh, and one more thing! Did you know our new donation system is up and running? Check it out and Join the Lutheran Ninja Clan!!

What happened to new WEtv videos?

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