Two texts for the price of one today!! Pastor Fisk takes on the entire 2nd chapter of 1 Peter, covering the lectionary texts for this Sunday and next all in one fell swoop! Of course, since context is king, such a move was necessary to make sense of the lectionary reading for this week – 1 Peter 2:19-25.

Videos used:
Christian Tingle – http://youtu.be/Ljd7f2tFOak
Craig Ferguson Awkward Pause – http://youtu.be/U-Lu5X2w6iU
Little Shop of Horrors Dentist scene – http://youtu.be/XB7R0ZxNgC4
Tripp Visits Ramsey – http://youtu.be/hSBFPqu6kpQ
Kids in the Hall Mad with Power – http://youtu.be/Z17rrnRRHDM

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A Pure Milk Confession (1 Peter 2)