Is your salvation in jeopardy if you leave the Lutheran church and join Roman Catholicism? I mean, they have so much in common, they’re, like, totally the same, right? Right?? And how are we to properly understand 1 John 3? It seems like another case where doing good works (obeying commands) saves us, or at least proves we are saved. Can that really be what it is saying?

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Videos used:
asdf6 – http://youtu.be/hrzIykdka4s
Can’t Hug Every Cat – http://youtu.be/sP4NMoJcFd4
Sarlacc pit battle – http://youtu.be/dcLAOcutuxs
I am Evil Homer – http://youtu.be/cqPPLeQ6UXI
Princess Bride Queen of Garbage – http://youtu.be/wWqU1ynYSrM
Sesame Street Martians – http://youtu.be/vh3tuL_DVsE
Inigo Montoya car interview – http://youtu.be/eOkm7vYlxsc

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