I heard a pastor on shortwave radio talk about the church (universal) today not knowing the true Messiah because we use the name JESUS and not Yeshua (or Yahshua), and that Iesous Christus was a pagan god? your thoughts… Thanks for all you guys do, God bless!
The name that God’s Inspired Word reveals in the Holy Gospels is Iesous Christus, which is translated into English as Jesus Christ (and translated into Hebrew is Yeshua). This false teacher would have his listeners disregard the inspired Word of God and find salvation in their own works. He is of the anti-Christ, preaching a Judahizing false “gospel.” It would seem that what this person is putting forward is a weird Jewish cult with a Christianese veneer and not the historical, Biblical, Christian faith.

Matthew Lorfeld, Pastor
Messiah Lutheran Church
La Crescent, MN

Newsflash: “Yeshua” = “Jesus”