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Would you please address Matthew 28? I used to attend an LCMS congregation with a new pastor who had attended PLI. He placed so much emphasis on “The Great Commission” that it began to feel like a (LAW) burden. It is my understanding of Matthew 28 that it is the institution of the pastoral office, the office of the keys. Am I off base here?

Historically, Lutherans have seen Matthew 28 as the establishment of the Office of the Ministry and of the Church. Seeing this as the “Great Commission” is rather foreign to Lutheranism. Probably the best discussion of this has been on a recent episode of Issues Etc. with Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford: http://issuesetc.org/2012/05/22/2-the-great-commission-pr-lucas-woodford-5222012/

Matthew Lorfeld, Pastor
Messiah Lutheran Church
La Crescent, MN

The Great Commission: Law or Gospel? Church or Ministry?