Well it has been a very interesting two weeks! If you were around on Tuesday, Feb 21 to watch the live show with special guest Pastor Matt Richard, you will have noticed that we experienced some pretty epic equipment failures. It appears that the computer we bought to run the new live show may have been a lemon. It was taking anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours to boot up after restarting, and we had a list of half a dozen other issue we were experiencing as well. We did our best to move forward with our show over on our Facebook page but that broadcast in turn experienced issues with our backup camera solution! It has not been a good two weeks.

If you have been trying to find show #10, well it doesn’t exist because that was the one that never aired. And we didn’t have a show last week so no #11 yet.

Anyway, we’ve been working hard with the company that makes the live stream computer to get it fixed. It was finally sent in today to be evaluated and hopefully replaced. But we won’t know until this Thursday or Friday what the result will be. So there will be no regular show tomorrow night on Youtube. And we don’t know yet if there will be one next Tuesday either. It all depends on how quickly they can evaluate the computer and get a replacement out to us.

In the meantime, Pastor Fisk will be going solo over on Facebook tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 7). Tune in to our page there and he’ll be taking your questions live and doing an abbreviated version of the show. P.A.M. will be hanging out in the comments section while he continues working on other WEtv things…like maybe getting a the new website redesign moving forward? :-D


Tune in here at 7pm Central time on Tuesday, March 7 for AskDaPastor live with Pastor Fisk: Worldview Everlasting Official Facebook Page.


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Epic Failure update

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