U Got Questions? WE Got Answers!

Dear Worldview Everlasting readers/viewers,

We love the response and the questions that you have been submitting. One of the comments we frequently hear is that the question submission form is rather limiting. We hear you, and believe that some explanation might be in order. When we first started the “We Got Answers” portion of Worldview Everlasting, we received several very long emails which took a significant time to read.

All the pastors who contribute to WE Got Answers serve one, if not two congregations. In addition, we have families and personal lives to attend to. This means time is an especially valuable resource. As more and more of you have submitted questions, it became necessary to encourage brevity and conciseness.

To help you ask your question here are some tips:

1. State the question in such a way that will have broad application
2. In general, we wish to avoid commenting on specific persons or circumstances.
3. Think of the character limit as an encouragement to fine-tune your question.
4. While we are pastors, we can’t be your pastor (unless you attend one of our congregations). We encourage you to speak to your pastor if your question involves a very personal matter.