About Us

What Is Everlastingathiesim.com?

Everlasting Atheism the middle ground between atheists and Catholics. We are centred around three major things: reason, dialogue, and faith. In this website, you will find various articles, videos and a comment box where you can discuss some of life’s biggest questions.

What Sets This Website Apart From The Rest?

Most of the websites that have religious discussions aim either to bash Christianity or to bash atheism. However, this site does not aim to embarrass anyone’s belief or to assault anyone’s character. We aim to pursue the truth through fruitful discussions. Through healthy dialogue, we shall be able to hold the truth in order to know the right path to follow.

How Does This Website Make Discussions Charitable?

We have a Comment, Rules and Tips document that clearly outline how comments should be made. We also do not allow anonymous comments. Everyone has to log in using one of the social media sites to create accountability.

Why Does The Website Choose Catholic And Not Christianity In General?

Over the years, Catholics and atheists have mischaracterized each other. Catholics seem to be focused on mainstream science while atheists seem to be constantly fixated on the mold of Richard Dawkins.