The Relationship Between Gun Control and Religion

Gun Control and Religion

You have probably noticed that many times, campaign candidates choose cool things to give as gifts and the opponents choose another. It is especially glaring in the US. Some believe in the sacredness of life, and that life begins from conception; most opponents insist that personal rights are sacred too, that a mother has a right to decide what her body goes through, and that life begins at birth.

Religion has more say than most realize in the argument about gun control. More people are religious than the people who are political. Guns are one of the best Gifts For Gun Lovers – and a good old argument about why guns are every man’s right.

The Age-old Argument About Gun Control

The argument about gun control is as closely intertwined with pro-life as abortion and female rights is. It is an equally important argument as the death penalty and euthanasia, because in summary, it is about life!

Gun control addresses the desire for peace in the world and the basic ethics of human life. These views must all be considered when discussing gun control. When you think about it considering all these issues, you can see that it is not an argument to be brushed aside or to be passive about.

How Sacred Is Human Life?

The heart of motion of these issues is this question: how sacred is human life to you? The answer to that question most times is dependent on your religious upbringing.

The sacredness of human life goes beyond who a person is, the stage a person is in life, or whether it is your opinion that one person deserves life more than another person.

Don’t get confused – the scenarios described above are vastly different, broad, and not so simplistic. Euthanasia is a painful and delicate topic, and not as easy to meander as whether mass murderers should be allowed to live or face the penalty of death for their crimes.

The concept of justice and doing what is right is not always easy to swallow. However, at the end of the day, all life is sacred. We were given life, and we do not have the right to take it away.

Living in The Wake of Gun Violence

Unfortunately, the incidents of gun violence are rising every year. Almost every year, deeply religious people cry out to God, praying it will not happen again. However, the same people hold tightly to their love of guns and guns are still considered great Gifts For Gun Lovers.

Most of these shooting disasters would have been mitigated if there wasn’t such free access to ammunition and firearms. Religious people need to begin to treat gun control as fiercely as pro-life. Both issues have to do with human life!

The argument that “guns are not responsible for the shootings, but people are”, is an invalid and short-sighted argument. We all know that people are responsible for the shootings – the same way people are responsible for abortions. The important thing here is not how people died or how many people have died and effective ways to lessen the incidence of this preventable tragedy.