Social Media and Religion: 5 Ways the Younger Generations are Connected

Social Media and Religion

In recent times, the effects of social media have been the focus in research studies. Active members on fanexplosion are more exposed to religious practices, beliefs, and ideas. There has been a positive effect of social media on religion.

Social media enables youths to get more information about religion. A pew research Center study confirms that during tough times, 68% of teenagers feel supported online. Religious places are using social media for business. This includes using live podcasts and e-books.

According to the founder of Instant Christ, Donald Cyprian, there are five ways in which the younger generation can benefit from social media and religion. They include:

Live Miracles

Social media enables filming and sharing of miracles. This connection leads to the growth of spirituality and religion. The youth can now witness miracles live. It also enables them to connect with peers who have the same experiences. Also, it encourages the youth to attend places of worship due to such events. They can also share their experiences on social media.

Prayer Apps

Modern youth use devices to communicate. Prayer apps help establish a spiritual connection. These apps include and They allow people of faith to share and pray with each other. Moreover, it enables people to have a singular app to share without distractions. Therefore, prayer can be managed in a safe digital environment.


With video apps such as YouTube the church choirs, performers and pastors can showcase their talents to a larger number of people. The youth can look up and find their preferred choirs and get daily spiritual messages from all over the world.

Also, some channels deal with specific youth problems. For instance Ignum Today that deals with relationships, religion, and entertainment.

Digital Communication

On the go, the youth can use their smartphones, iPods, iPad, and tablets to know more about God. They can stream the podcasts live, which eliminates the need for radios or televisions. Examples of religious platforms include Joel Osteen Ministry, the 700 Club, Joyce Meyer Ministries, The Potter’s House, and Turning Point. These forums enable the youth to get more spiritual knowledge.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram enable users to establish a relationship with similar people. Posting a video, picture or comment enables one to connect with a large audience within a short time. There are many forums created online which promote specific spiritual topics that are age-oriented.

A lot of social support is available in such media, such as prayer circles and counseling. These can come in handy for the youths.  Besides, those who are too shy to ask questions on a face-to-face basis can privately share their issues online where nobody knows them.


The church has been at the forefront in encouraging the youth through social media. It has allowed them to share values, beliefs, and faith. They can also praise and worship together and provide support to one another. Since millennials are engaging in social media mostly, it is easy for them to develop an interest in religious activities.