Best Inspiring Christian Movies on Netflix

Christian Movies on Netflix

Doing some movie marathon with friends, family, or even your partner is such a good bond to build your relationship. According to altadefinizione, if you want to watch appropriate and motivating films, you may choose Christian movies. It’s all thanks to Netflix because they made watching movies online much easier. There are a lot of choices that this platform offers, and this article can help you out in selecting the best ones!

These movies are about holding on to your faith, and others are based on Biblical events. There are also several ones that teach moral lessons to be kind to other people. Some films also encourage you to be steadfast and persevered to endure obstacles in order to reach for your dreams, this then gives you more strength to go on with your life. You can watch all the listed films on Netflix, and you would not need to spend money to pay for cinema tickets or pay for transportation or gas. If you are looking for a much cheaper choice, you might want to read this article.

Top Christian Films on Netflix

Watching movies online is made less hassle because here are the recommended Christan movies for you, without of course giving much information in order to avoid spoilers:

Seven Pounds

This film is about an IRS agent that holds a huge secret, who tries to change the lives of 7 strangers.

An Interview with God

This movie is all about a journalist who was able to have an interview with a man who self-proclaims to be God, and this led to the transformation of his outlook on religion as well as his own faith.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Yep! That’s not misspelled. You will understand the title when you watch the movie. This tells about a single dad with his young son. Just prepare your tissues because this film is really a tearjerker.

Mr. Church

This movie is about a house chef who was hired to cook for a sick woman as well as her daughter. You will be able to see how their friendships evolved to a much better bond.


The movie, Samson, is based on the Bible. It tells the story of a strong Israelite warrior and a woman, Delilah, who tempted him.

Walk. Ride. Rodeo

A soon-to-be rodeo star was aiming for her success until she had a car accident that paralyzed her. The movie shows how her mother helped her to be able to ride again.

1 Mile to You

A teenager and his girlfriend got in a bus accident. He was able to survive, but his girlfriend wasn’t. After the incident, he then chose to dedicate his life to running with his new coach.

Good Sam

This mysterious film tells about a reporter who tries to investigate a kind Samaritan who keeps on leaving bags of cash for the citizens living around New York.

Big Miracle

This is based on a true story where a reporter teams up with the United States as well as USSR in order to rescue the whales that got trapped within the Arctic Circle

Like Arrows

Fit for new parents, this is about a husband and wife who went through thick and thin while having children. In this movie, they realize how God contributes a major role in their whole family.

Never Heard

This is an inspiring story about a man who lives in Los Angeles, who was under the choices between God and gang life, all while his dad is in jail.

Final Thoughts

This list of suggestions can help you choose the film to watch. These are the best choices because it can help you reevaluate and improve the bond that you have with your friends and loved ones. Even kids can watch them, and they can also offer better character development for them. You enjoy, learn, and become motivated to move forward in life.