How Organic Improves Soil Health

Soil Health

Soil is the sturdy base of any organic farm. However, the understanding of organic soil for growing weed is changing as new information is coming up.

Scientists have established that regenerative organic agriculture improves soil health. Healthy soil will lead to healthy people and, eventually, a healthy planet. Recent findings by scientists show that organic matter improves soil health in 10 ways.

Here is a review of how organic matter improves soil health, according to scientists:

  1. Holding Nitrogen

Nitrogen can be locked up using organic methods and then made available to the plants. Nitrogen is a vital crop nutrient that helps reduce the need for other inputs. USDA researchers did an experimental trial of locking up nitrogen in a farm.

  1. Fixing Nitrogen

Scientists argue that some crops such as soybean can be grown in organic soil to improve the soil’s nitrogen abundance. The plants have a greater number of fine roots, which are used to extract nitrogen from the air and fix it in the soil.

  1. Higher Matter

Soils that have a high quantity of organic matter can hold up more water and air. Consequently, they promote a steady supply of nutrients to the plants, leading to robust growth and higher yields.

  1. Good Fungi

Organic soils have fungi that are beneficial to the plants. They help the plants extend their roots and gather more water and nutrients from a bigger portion of the soil.

  1. Microbe Management

Organically managed farms have soils that have a higher quantity of diverse organisms that are beneficial to the plants. The research was done in an organically managed banana farm in Taiwan.

  1. Carbon Capture

Organic matter has a high percentage of carbon. Due to carbon’s presence, organic soils have humic acid, which gives the topsoil its brown and rich color.

  1. Uncultivated Places

Uncultivated places that have organic matter have a high AMF population and activities. These fungi are important in the provision of soil nutrients.

  1. Health Test

Researchers are working on soil health tests that can be used to calculate soil health based on nutrients and P, C, and N cycling. The test will indicate how the organic matter in the soil contributes to nutrient provision.

  1. Vetch Plus

Cover crops that have hairy vetch can help in improving the supply of nitrogen to the soil. Scientists did a test to confirm that organic nitrogen amendments through vetch increased the yields.

  1. Stimulus formula

Scientists have come up with an anaerobically fermented mixture that is sprayed on the crops to enhance mineral availability in the soil. The use of the organic mixture in organically managed farms have promoted the soil health in the farms and led to increased productivity.

Final Thoughts

Scientists have conducted numerous studies to prove that organic matter improves soil health. There are ten different and scientifically proven ways in which organic matter improves soil health. Therefore, you can go ahead and manage your farm organically because you will be contributing to a healthy planet.