6 Facts About The Growth Of Christian Population In South Korea

Christian Population In South Korea

South Korea has grown so much in the last three decades. Korean cult has become so progressive that it can compete economically in some of the progressive countries in the West. Along with that drastic change, Christianity also has leaped forward in South Korea. To avoid some misconceptions, here are facts about the rise of Christianity:

  1. There is no dominant religious group in South Korea.

As one of the East Asia countries, there can be stereotypes in religion. Most might think that majority of Koreans have the same belief system as the Chinese and Japanese. However, in reality, almost half of the South Korean population has no affiliation in any religion.

Buddhism came in third place with over 20 percent of the population while Christianity in South Korea is around 30 percent.

  1. For the past century, Christianity has an increase in growth due to the missionaries

During the 1900s, only 1 percent of Korea’s population were believers of Christianity. The widespread of the religion is due to the efforts and services of the missionaries. The presence of churches also is proof of their influences.

  1. The majority of the native Korean Christians belong to the Protestant and the percentage had been consistent throughout the ages.

Christianity has many denominations due to the interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. Among the Christian population in South Korea, the largest percentage goes to the Protestant Church. It accounts for at least 20 percent of the Christians while Catholics are growing beyond 10 percent gradually.

  1. There is more percentage of the population who has a positive opinion of the Pope in South Korea than in the US.

The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church and although half of South Korea has no religion, still many think a favorable way in regards to the Leader of the Church. More than 80 percent of South Koreans think positively about the Pope, which is more than the percentage of the US population thinking the same way.

  1. The percentage of Christians in South Korea is smaller compared to the percentage of Christians among Koreans residing in the US.

In terms of percentages, South Korea’s Christian population is way smaller than the Christian population of Koreans residing in American soil. The small Korean communities abroad might be one of the reasons why they tend to seek spiritual levels of comfort on the existing Christian population. Christianity is the major religion in the US.

  1. South Korean government has low levels of restrictions about religion and conflicts among or toward religious groups.

In terms of religious activities, the government of South Korea is more tolerant compared to other nations. So far, there isn’t a single large-scale activity promoting conflict among religious groups. Penalties also might be not that severe in terms of religious practice but as Korean citizens, that can be an entirely different matter.


There can be no surprise if one day, Christianity in South Korea will be the major religion due to the influences of the Western culture and the Philippines, the only Asian country with Christians as the great majority of the population. As long as goodness is being promoted, any religion can dominate in Korea.