Is it Okay for Christians to Use CBD Oil?

Christians to Use CBD Oil

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical that originated from the cannabis plant. It is usually found in plants like marijuana. It is used to build the full spectrum CBD oil for dogs and many other products. However, though it comes from marijuana, it doesn’t have a strong effect such as intoxication which is usually caused by the ever-famous THC. In fact, CBD oil is used as a treatment for anxiety, depression, epilepsy, anti-acne, pain reliever, and the likes.

If you have similar illnesses but are skeptical to use CBD oil because of the myth that it is against Christianity, well, we are happy to tell you that it is not. Here are some facts that may convince you that CBD oil does not make you anti-Christian:

The Bible Didn’t Particularly Prohibit CBD Oil

The Bible did not specifically prohibit Christians to use CBD Oil. This is probably because CBD oil was only popularized in 1963. However, the bible has something to say about Christians facing gray areas.

According to the Bible, we should avoid abusing substances that can negatively affect our state of mind. It was stated in Ephesians 5:18 which implies that abusing any substance would affect our judgment and conscience, thus leading to poor spiritual decisions.

Meanwhile, considering that the Bible has nothing to say with CBD oil, many vendors still sell these kinds of products. It is not regulated in the bible, and it is now only up to the people if they would patronize the same.

Does CBD Oil Make You Sinful?

CBD oil came from the marijuana plant, and many people believe that using marijuana can make you sinful. The Bible mentioned that drunkenness is a sin. However, it did not say that using marijuana means you’re disobeying the words of God. In fact, one recent study by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) revealed that the majority of young Christians found marijuana acceptable.

The survey found that young adult Christians between the age of 18-29 wanted marijuana to be legal. Why did they come to this conclusion? They perhaps believe that since marijuana is not mentioned in the bible, then it probably does not make them immoral. Therefore, using chemicals such as CBD oil is not a sin.

The Bible Wants Christians to Obey the Laws (Romans 13:1-2)

The Bible orders Christians to follow those who are in authority (Romans 13:1-2). It also prohibits Christians from intoxication (1 Peter 5:8). Can this apply to the use of CBD oil? Well, although many states of America did not yet legalize the use of CBD oil, a lot of medical evidence may urge various states to legalize it.

In 2018, the World Health Organization announced that CBD oil is safe, non-addictive, nor intoxicating. That said, intoxication, as written in the bible, shall not apply to the use of CBD oil.


Whether you use CBD oil for pets or for your own treatment, know that it is not unregulated by the Bible. However, other than the Bible, Christians should look for the legality of CBD oil in their country or state before using them. You also have to know that it is always best to decipher God’s plan before trying to cure mental or physical health problems.