7 Unique Ways For A Christian Blogger To Use Instagram

Blogger To Use Instagram

For any brand like fanexplosion social media is the best way to attain massive recognition. It all depends on the content and the connection to the viewers. However, for a blogger that promotes Christianity, it may be a bit complex to exercise in a dominant online platform.

As one of the top social media sites, Instagram can be a useful tool for a Christian blogger. It may take a few tries to be adept with it, and therefore here are seven ways where you, as a Christian blogger, can publicize your content.

IG Stories

As you produce stories for your content, it may seem that the method of your promotion will look like to compete with other ministry or religious groups. The goal is to promote the ‘Good News’ and not to garner followers. Make sure honor is being cautiously applied as you create your stories.

Instagram Lives

Live streaming is a big step for a blogger. It requires almost all faculties to be displayed so that the content will be communicated well to the viewers.

Choose to be more of a messenger of the ‘Word’ rather than being informational or promotional. Make it brief and straight to the point with all the good intentions being prioritized.


This is a ‘YouTube’-like video library of Instagram videos. You can publish content in video form. Even your live streams can be uploaded if you save them in your gallery.

To be able to optimize your uploads, make it appealing with creative titles and photo selection for thumbnails or previews. In that way, you can pique the interests of the viewers without any malicious intent of recruiting forcefully.


Freebies are catered to your subscribers. It may be gimmicky, but it can be a great avenue to promote other Christian materials. It can be as simple as a Bible or as thoughtful as a personalized rosary bracelet.


Use hashtags that promote Christian messages and values. In that way, viewers can quickly grasp the gist of your content and even be more encouraged to explore just because of a little use of creativity in making hashtags.


Repurposing is a handy way of developing content consistently. You can reuse a few lines of your old blogs and make it into great quotes. As being mentioned, re-uploading your live stream is also a form of repurposing to let others, who missed the live feed, watch.


As much as you want to leverage Instagram for exposing your Christian content, you might be losing sight of the goal and might be thinking more about the number of followers and views. If ever that happens, find your focus again on your original purpose, which is to share the good message of Christianity. Keep it as real and pure as it can be.


With the way people are living with shorter attention span and needing numerous forms of entertainment to escape the realities and responsibilities, social media has become a daily part of almost everyone’s lives. As a blogger promoting God’s message, you can serve well by utilizing the most extensive online social platform without any intentions of self-benefit.