The Future of Religion

Future of Religion


Religion is what binds people together. According to the idea of having an omnipotent God unites a population altogether in one concept. What makes religion a hindrance to world peace is that it isn’t just one big religion; there is a whole lot of varied religions, their sub-religions, and there will always be the non-believers and opposing population.

Religions tend to contradict one another in a lot of ways. Each of them has their own belief on who is God, how many Gods are there, and what their God’s rules are. In our smart generation of technology and bots, what will the chaotic world of religion be?

Individual Faith

According to World dominations record, Christianity holds the most number of followers worldwide, followed by Islam, and Buddhism holds the third biggest. Individuals, before being ultimately joined in religion has to undergo lessons and baptism.

This form of initiation capitalizes in the human brain. Subconsciously, an individual creates a timeline in their mind of how their religion changed the world in the past and how it will continue to flourish in the future.

Individual faith is a stronghold that religions have and are being used to control their group, to recruit more people, and stay in their conceptualization.  This faith is what people treasures as their connection to their own Gods.

It is what makes them fear over an all-powerful deity and abide by his rules. Each religion has its own rulebook; violation of any of the said rule will give the member a consequence which may affect their way of living and thinking.

Due to differences in faith, people tend to misunderstand one another and keep their eyes closed to things beyond the yard of their religion. Individual differences have been present long before the early 1900s; this will continue to grow thorns among nations for as long as religions are alive and divided.

Weaponizing Religions

According to some online advice, if God wasn’t introduced to people or didn’t exist at all, it’ll be necessary for the dominant or elderly in the population to create him. Having a God creates fear, leadership and imposes rules to one’s mind. If there hasn’t been a concept of having a God, people will continue to treat each other like animals, communication isn’t possible, and civilization most likely wouldn’t be of existence.

As the drafting of WWIII begins, churches take a stand too—and this is not the first time. Every time a political issue arises and it steps over the laws of the church, religious leaders use their population as a power over the sovereign government.

It is foreseen by political analysts that during the years 2050-2070, a new religion will be born and it will be implemented by robots and smart Ais. This will be a new era of leadership and followers will be forced and programmed to follow the military laws. This plan could be used first as a military tactic that could be a useful weapon for countries in the upcoming WWIII.