Roles of Christian Faith in Software Development

Software Development

Christians have been participating in a hackathon where they discuss matters concerning Most Popular IoT Applications development. Some people have criticized the occasion terming them as unchristian practices.

These events are vital in developing some software that can be used for the positive progress of Christianity. However, Christianity has a strong positive connection with technology. Christians should be allowed to express their passion for technology as they keep their Christian faith.

Faith has an impact on every aspect of life including careers and work

1st Corinthians chapter 10 verse 31 states that everything you do, you should do it for the glory of the Lord. By receiving Christ, your whole life will be transformed, and he becomes the foundation of all your activities including your career. This means that even your work will be dedicated to the glory of God, and thus, you will use technology for the glory of God. Colossians chapter 3, verses 22 to 24 states that Christians should not work to please people, but rather work with sincerity of the heart and fearing the Lord. Everything they do should be done for the Lord and not for the man remembering that they will receive a reward from God.

God and Technology

The bible has shown that God himself worked through technology, and thus Christians should not be afraid to engage in technological aspects such as software development. The ark built by Noah must have used high technology to allow it to float and save Noah and animals. In this occurrence, God was using Noah to engage in technology. The Ten Commandments given to Moses were written and preserved using technology. Jesus’s crucifixion has some technological aspects as seen in the making of the cross, yet this was God’s chosen way of bringing salvation to his people.

Technology progress and spreading of the Gospel

When Jesus arrived on earth, technological advancement was seen in areas such as housing and road construction. God choose Joseph who was a carpenter to be the father of Jesus meaning that He supported technological advancements. The road network was used by people to network and travel to spread the word of God that was spread from Jerusalem to other parts and eventually to the whole world. When writing and printing technology was developed, people used it to document God’s messages through the bible.

In the current world, technology is playing a great role in spreading the gospel. Many Christian organizations are using avenues such as websites to spread the gospel. Some software development has allowed the bible to read in the form of a soft copy and can also be easily translated to other languages enabling the word of God to reach many people.


Christian faith has a significant connection with software development. Nevertheless, there are many areas of technology covering both positive and negative factors. Christian should only engage in the good aspects of technology while avoiding the bad side that can be termed as evil. There are many areas that Christian can work to serve the Lord in software development and serve the Lord in their area of expertise.