How to Make Personalized Memorial Cards for Your Loved Ones

Memorial Cards for Your Loved Ones

There is no right or wrong way to get over the passing of a loved one. However painful it is, paying tribute to the deceased by using memorial cards is a great way to mark their passing. Making personalized memorial cards is the best way to honor the life of the deceased family member or a friend. Here are some ways to personalize memorial cards for someone who meant so much to you.

Choose a theme that best represents your loved one.

When you are deciding on a theme, choose one that will let the people know more about the life and passion of the deceased. It may be something about their career, profession, hobby or advocacy. Let the people know that their passion or profession is what drives them through life. Whatever that passion might be, let it be your guide in choosing a theme and template that will signify the life of the deceased. This will also be spoken to as a major piece of their last biography.

Include a collection great photo.

The life of a person cannot be represented by one photo alone. Collect photos of your loved one that will show people how happy they were when they lived; photos that represent unforgettable memories and stories. If possible include photos of important milestones in life.

Include a special message from a family member.

Too often there are words left implied when somebody we cherish passes away, and this is the ideal way for a family member to share what they had to say. Including a special message in the memorial card is a great way to personalize memorial cards. This will reflect a genuine and sincere love for the person who passed.

Include your loved one’s favorite song lyric, poem or quote.

Photographs are by all account not the only important token that we value after a friend or family member passes. We likewise go to the majority of the incredible song lyric, poem or quote that they held dear throughout their life. These song lyrics, poems or quotes usually represent their struggle in life and how they have overcome these struggles. This is a great way to inspire other people through their legacy. Including these writings or expressions into a friend or family member’s last send-off can be a little, yet a motivating reminder of their character and interests.

Leave a white blank space for other family members to share their own stories with the deceased.

This is a great way for family members to reminisce happy moments with the deceased. This will make the funeral interactive and personal for those who will visit the funeral. This will also help the immediate family members remember these happy moments in their times of grief.


No one can describe the pain of losing someone; after their passing, you are free to grief in whatever way you feel comfortable. No one can tell you how long and how to grief; it is a natural process. Time heals all wounds and when that time comes, be ready to face life’s challenges.