Is CBD Oil Okay for Christians?

CBD Oil Okay for Christians

Religion and medicine have conflicted over the years since the inception of modern medicine. Many religions discourage the Dosage of various medicines and other medicinal products terming them unethical or religiously immoral. Whichever the reason, the conflict between religion and modern products has spilt over to Christianity and CBD oil.

It is a question and a dilemma that has disturbed many Christians who are conflicted whether to use CBD oil and if it is allowed in the bible.

To resolve this dilemma lets first define CBD oil.

What is CBD oil?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical derived from cannabis plants such as marijuana or hemp. CBD has many uses and benefits such as treating anxiety, epileptic seizures, pain, and cosmetic uses. CBD does not have addictive effects.

Recreational use and selling of many cannabis products are illegal in many countries. However, a good number of countries and states are slowly legalizing the use of the plants. Areas that only accept the use of CBD products for medicinal use restrict the percentage of THC in the products to 0.3 percent and below.

THC is an active ingredient in cannabis products that creates a “high.” The high effect is the reason why many Christians shy away from the use of CBD oil and other cannabis-derived products.

Is CBD oil Okay for Christians?

A lot of research has been done on the benefits and side effects of CBD oil. However, Christians are left at crossroads when it comes to its use. They are undecided on whether the product is accepted in the Christian world or not.

Christians use the Bible as a guiding book of do’s and don’ts. CBD was discovered recently, and therefore, it is unlikely that the bible has any guideline concerning its use.

Ephesians 5:18 states that Christians should avoid using or abusing any substance that affects their state of mind or impairs judgment compromising conscience and poor spiritual decisions. CBD is not regulated in many regions. Some CBD products might contain high levels of THC, which might create a “high” to their users. In reference to the bible, CBD products that contain a high percentage of THC are not recommended for use by staunch Christians.

The FDA has approved Epidiolex as the only legal CBD oil product. It has a low percentage of THC, which does not affect the brain. Therefore, if we consider literature reviews, the use of Epidiolex is okay to Christians. However, traditional Christians might still avoid the product, and it is only fair and morally correct not to flaunt CBD products in their presence.

In the end, it all boils down to conscience. The bible has guidelines that guide Christians when they are faced with a dilemma. As a Christian, if you consider the use of any cannabis product a sin, then it would not be okay for you to use it. If you feel that using cannabis products is just like using any other modern medicine, then as a Christian, you should go ahead and use it without mentioning it during your confession.

Religion and modern ways continue to conflict. The new generation Christians are accepting things that the older generation could not allow. As the world changes, so do social and religious guidelines. In conclusion, it is your decision or the decision of your church whether you’re going to use CBD or not.