Should Priests Drive Fancy Cars?

Drive Fancy Cars

Living a religious life is always challenging. You need to be cautious of your acts and manner of reaching out to people. It is also important that you know how to get along with them and adapt to the culture of the community where you are assigned. If you wish you can know more about this system here.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the fact that you are serving God. So, people are somehow inclined to see you as a good example for them to follow. Since people may treat you as a role model, you should do your best also to influence them of your teachings. When it comes to indulging in luxury, priests are also expected to  keep away from them. How about driving fancy cars? Is it okay for them to experience such?

Well, you should be aware that even Pope Francis himself refused limousines and other kinds of transportation services that are supposed to give him the comfort and protection. The Pope was not tempted to enjoy the comfort that a special feature of cold air intake of his vehicle, among others, can bring. He instead made use of simpler vehicles. Pope Francis’ answer is seemingly obvious.

Reasons why priests should not drive fancy cars

1. Church is poor and for the poor.

Things and actions have their own connotations. Apparently, fancy cars imply that the owner is rich. The comfort and convenience that it brings somehow give pride to the owner because of its build and special features.

Since church is poor, the priests and other religious can observe this by shying away from luxurious things. As reflected in history, luxury often leads to temptations of being prideful, selfishness, even indifferent. A priest may also be caught up with this that he may not realize people drifting away from church. He is supposed to have empathy towards other people. He is supposed to have this connection in order to keep the church alive and influential. But with this certain coldness, things might go a different way.

2. Hinders connection.

When people feel that you are different from them, they will most likely block you out of their group. When this happens, you as a priest will have a rather difficult challenge of reaching out and penetrating the boundaries that the people may have established.

Apparently, a priest is supposed to serve as mouthpiece for the teachings towards the churchgoers. Making them feel uneasy can lead to building walls that would make it almost impenetrable for the teachings that you may want to impart.

These are only two of the many reasons why priests should not drive fancy cars. But, these are substantial. It is of human psyche to react to these kinds of things especially when it is the credibility of the priest that is in question.