Recruiting Church Volunteers & Create a Culture of Service

Church Volunteers

Recruiting church volunteers can be difficult at times. But somehow, as long as you know your objectives and goals in recruiting, success may not be that tough to attain. Thinking about creating a social group for a social service may be an ideal way of extending activities for a better group connection. Services such as cleaning service in san diego can be a way not only in promoting the image of the church you are serving but also in maintaining a good relationship between the volunteers and the community.

So, how exactly does recruiting church volunteers and making them involved in social activities work? Let us find out.

Be knowledgeable in planning an organized recruit.

Try to study about recruiting volunteers. Search on the reasons why people want to volunteer on your church and the benefits they are going to obtain in volunteering. Then, start making your recruitment plan. Be specific on your plan, and it must be attainable. Do not disregard your main goal during the planning. Your plan must be appropriate and in line with your main goal which is social service.

Be specific of the task description

This is a vital point in recruiting since a person may not survive in the long run if he or she is not interested in this particular job that you are recruiting. You need to be specific, so volunteers now what are expected of them.

Make start- ups and sign-ups simple.

People tend to be discouraged if it is only their first time and they’re already finding difficulties in their way in. Word- of- mouth is the easiest way in looking for volunteers. Take your prospect for a coffee. There, you can freely talk to them personally about what they can gain from volunteering in your church. Then, once you convinced them to volunteer, you can just hand them the paper for signing up. For some, papers for signing are being handed after the church event. You can also utilize the social media for signing up volunteers.

Don’t let them think it’s a permanent job.

It would be upsetting for the volunteers thinking that they will be stuck in that particular job for the rest of their life. However, if you will just let them try it first, they would probably learn to love it. A scheduling or an assignment for a particular job may be helpful in the process.

Share the feeling of being a volunteer.

A testimony can be helpful. During church service, it is not that bad to share your experiences as a volunteer. This helps prospective volunteers get insights that can compel them to join the community.

Welcome the New Volunteer.

A welcoming celebration for a new member is also a good idea. It is a very motivating feeling when a person feels that he/she is welcome and belong to the group.

Schedule the team.

Once you have gathered the team of volunteers already, apply the plan you have made in the beginning. Schedule them according to their interest, be it in gardening, in house cleaning, and any other type of jobs you have in mind. You have to assign them tasks according to their level of interest.

Survey your Team.

From time to time, you should consult your team and talk to them about how they are doing with their tasks. In this way, people will feel motivated once they know that someone is concerned about how they’re coping.

Volunteering is not what it should be if it is not based on choice. The only thing that matters here is your love and respect to the church as well as your work.