What Every Muslim Needs to Know About Detox

Muslim Needs to Know About Detox

Detoxifying the body is not just a cliché for trimming down and toning your body. Detoxing is a natural process. According to Marijuana101, Our body regularly removes unwanted particles that we may have took in the body through the food we eat, the drinks, the daily habits, the stress levels, and many others. However, detoxifying the body is more than just cleaning the physical body from unwanted chemicals. Here are some reasons why detoxifying your body is more than just physical healing from Allah.

Detoxifying Organs Regularly

“He has certainly succeeded (when) one had purified himself” (Qu’ran 87,14)

Our body requires constant, regular detoxification. It is a misleading notion that detoxification can only happen with medicine intake or participation in detox programs. Our lungs, livers, skin, and kidneys are the natural detoxifiers in our body. Everything we have taken in was filtered by these organs and they help eliminate the harmful chemicals we take in our body daily. Maintaining these organs’ health requires the constant practice of healthy activities including having proper night rest, eating healthy food, and staying away from stressful activities and events. Having more water intake and ingesting lemon and dark leafy greens can also help in the physical detoxification of the body.

Understanding Mental and Emotional Detoxification

“And the Soul and He who had proportioned it, and Inspired it of wickedness and righteousness, success for Those who purifies It, and failure for Those who keep it” (Qu’ran 91, 7-10)

In order to fully grasp the intentions of physical detox, there is a need to know first what it is to undergo mental and emotional detoxification. Most of our physical toxins come from our exposure to emotional and mental distresses. These areas of our body can alter our blood flow and may even promote more bad cells to be created and infect our body. Detoxifying our mental and emotional health can help our body detoxify faster. Meditation, acceptance, and taking control of one’s thoughts and emotions can help detoxify these parts of our health.

Know Yourself and Talk to Allah

“Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is likened to a niche where there is a lamp. The lamp is encased in glass, which glows like pearly star lit by that of blessed olive tree that does not come from the east nor the west. Oil glows even untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides the Light to whomever He wills, and He presents examples for the people. Allah is knowing of all things” (Qu’ran 24, 35)

There is a need for anyone to connect to Allah in order to know oneself. This is the first step of detoxifying oneself from the wrath of evil in the world. We are all exposed to mortal danger and Allah is the light that can guide a wary individual safely to his calm. Detoxifying the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and other health aspects requires knowing and understanding oneself. Detox programs even encourage participants to meditate first on oneself and connect to Divine Providence in order to achieve a more holistic detoxification.