How to Design a Prayer Room

Design a Prayer Room

You probably heard that praying is beneficial. For some, if they pray, they might ask what’s in it for them. But if you set aside religious beliefs and practices, you’ll still wonder how prayer can leave a great impact on someone’s life. So if you are planning on having a prayer room inside your house or you already have one, then you might want to decorate the room amazingly. Along with the prayer room you should also find affordable insurance providers for the peace of mind in future.

Select A Room

Finding a place that will allow you to have peace and enough silence is important when choosing a prayer room. It doesn’t have to be big. A room that can fit three to five persons is enough. Usually, we prefer to pray alone because it’s the time we allocate to be with God. If this is so, then a small room is enough. But if you would love to have an additional crowd to the meeting area, then it is safe to choose a room that will fit depending on your ideal number of people.

Set Up the Room

Having a comfortable chair or couch would be ideal for a prayer room set up. A kneeler is also suggested to those who love to pray while kneeling down. And you can put a small center table as well to fill the room where you can place your stuff like your Bible and other reading materials especially if you love to take down notes to remember a few things you’ve reflected on that day.

You may put a focal point as well depending on the need of your prayer room. Religions always have this since the main idea is to create a feeling of submissiveness.


The color of your walls, ceilings, and floor tiles should reflect the room’s purpose. This is the same as how we decorate a baby’s room. In a baby’s room, we even draw clouds on its walls to create a good ambiance. On your prayer room, you can choose any light color or you can choose colors that you can relate to nature because it creates a good atmosphere for praying.

It is also advisable to use the material on the floors that won’t create too much noise when someone walks the area. It is good if you will conduct a group prayer session with your family or some friends. Also, it won’t distract the session when someone arrives or enters the room in the middle of something.

Keeping it simple is the best way to decorate a prayer room. You don’t want to put something that may distract its purpose. Overdecorating it should be discouraged since displays and accessories can imply a different meaning. Remember that this is your time alone with the higher being. Lastly, spending too much on decorations is not important. Even a closet is enough to someone whose pure intention is to talk with God and ask for wisdom. Keep in mind that praying is the same as getting home owners insurance. We do it because this is where we find peace and we feel secure – the feelings that we always need and money can’t buy.