The Correlation Between Marijuana Use And The Lack Of Religion

Correlation Between Marijuana

Several countries have legalized to Buy CBD oil and use it. It was not an easy road as there were protests against its legalization, especially from religious groups. In countries that have not yet legalized marijuana, moral police and religious organizations have played a big role in making sure it does not happen.

History Of Marijuana Use And Religion

Modern religions in most if not all countries are against the use of marijuana, whether it’s for medical use or recreational use.

However, history shows that there were religious cultures that used marijuana for religious and spiritual purposes. They believed that using cannabis induced great understanding of religious insights.

Some cultures still use the herb today for religious purposes. The most well-known religion that still uses marijuana is the Rastafarian religion. Rastafarians use cannabis for many ceremonies. They believe that marijuana helps them strengthen their consciousness, improves pleasures in life, gives peace of mind and rids negative energies.

Many other past religions used marijuana for spiritual purposes such as:

  • Taoism

This religion has an ancient belief that using marijuana to burn ritualistic incense help in divination.

  • Hinduism

Hinduism considers cannabis as a sacred plant that holds a guardian angel in the leaves. They believe marijuana gives them happiness and helps eliminate fear.

  • Buddhism

They use marijuana leaves to heighten their awareness during ceremonies and prayers to help them in meditations.

Other pasts religions include paganism and ancient Greek religions.

Modern Religion And Marijuana Use

Today, several modern religious organizations use marijuana in their religious activities. Great examples include The Cannabis Assembly, The First Church of Cannabis, Cantheism, Temple 420, Green Faith Ministries, and other ministries.

The majority of modern religions use marijuana as a sacrament. However, a big number of modern religions choose to stay away from anything related to cannabis. Some even consider marijuana use a sin.

The research by a Florida state university professor reported that strict religious people were less likely to use marijuana in any form. Factors such as religious salience, the frequency of service attendance and personal health were used as variables for the study.

The findings showed that high levels of religious salience and high attendance of religious service were related to low to zero chances of marijuana use.

However, the health factor showed that religion did not influence the use of marijuana. This is because individuals who were religious but with health issues were open to or actively using marijuana such as taking CBD oil to numb pain or reduce inflammations.

Currently, the confusion of whether to follow your pastor or your doctor has become a big struggle. Religion discourages it, while medical experts tell you it’s good for your well-being.

This current trend has shown that the influence of religion on marijuana use is steadily decreasing. People who are strict followers of religion are starting to open up to the idea of marijuana use, especially for medical purposes.

There are also a big group of people who lack any religious commitment but are against the use of the herb. This shows that the correlation between marijuana use and religion is a fifty-fifty affair.