Atheists’ Bad Attitudes Towards Theists

There are three bad attitudes that atheists have towards theists on the existence of God. Find out more about this below.

All Religion Contradicts Science

There are several religious beliefs that contradict science. Hinduism states that human beings have existed for billions of years. Christianity, on the other hand, believes that human beings have existed for only 6,000 years. Just because the scientific conclusions are not in line with some of the religious beliefs does not mean that religion is against science.

In history, several Catholic scientists contributed greatly to science, for example, Fr. Gorges Lemaitre who discovered the big bang theory was a staunch Catholic who believed in the motto ‘faith seeking understanding’. It is through the belief that there is a God who made the world and is continually recreating it is one of the reasons why Christians explore the world through natural sciences.

Religious beliefs that contradict science are usually about the biological evolution and the age of the universe. However, even science itself does not truly explain these facts.

Religion Is A Product Of Geography

Most atheists believe that religion is determined by the area that you were born. For example, if you are born in India, there is a very high chance that you will be a Hindu, and if you are born in Africa, you are probably a Christian. However, religion has more to do with objective truth than where you were born.

When we look at our ethnic beliefs or our political beliefs we can confidently say that just because other people do not live in places that teach these beliefs does not mean that our beliefs are wrong. If we can do this for ethnic beliefs, then the same should apply to religious beliefs.

Religion Explains The Unexplainable Only

Atheists believe that religion is only meant to explain what science cannot explain. However, when science comes up with a logical example, then there is no need for God. The theist philosophical arguments do not start from what they do not know and end up concluding that it must have been God who created it. Rather, they start from what they know and conclude there is a divine being that is responsible for some of the features that we observe in the universe.

Most theists believe in a God without necessarily understanding the complex arguments. Those arguments have a sole purpose of proving the validity of the faith that they follow.