The Historical Argument For God

The argument about the existence of God is both strong and weak. It is strong in that it based on actual events that have occurred on earth and there are witnesses to the event. Facts are more convincing that principles. However, it is weak since the data only give strong clues and not proofs, below are some of the argument from history.

History Is Meaningful

The history of humans has a storyline. It is not random. Everything that happens has an intrinsic significance. The old age question ‘What is life?’ proves to us that we are in a story. If there is a story then without a doubt, there is a storyteller.

History Talks about Miracles

Miracles are without a doubt the work of a higher being. They are a product of something supernatural. Neither nature nor human beings have the power to perform a miracle. History has documented several miracles that show the existence of God. Seventy thousand people saw the miracle of the sun dancing at Fatima. They could not all possible be imagining things.

History Talks about Christ Himself

History talks about a man who claimed to be God. He came and lived with us. He said he was the son of God. Reading of the Gospel records that document the life of Christ is just like reading a book by Plato or Socrates. They portray an outstanding character that emerges on a human level. It is impossible that a lunatic or liar could be that wise or be that loving. Christ must have truly come from God.

History does provide enough evidence that there is God. There are documented records that account for these. There have been several scientists who have tried to explain some of the phenomena that occurred in history but failed.