Defining Theism Without Religion And Its Reverse

Religion is a structure of practices that are divine in nature. It is a belief system. Aquinas saw religion as a virtue. Virtue can be defined as the perfection of the soul’s power. It is found in all of us.  With this definition, we all have a religion.

We are capable of having something divine just as we are capable of having courage. To be human is to be religious. The only distinction that separates us is the degree in which we perfect this power in use.

Atheism is not being non-religious. The lack of belief does not mean that one will not suffer the divine consequences if they go wrong. Despite them denying God exists, they have a hope that human existence will continue.

Theism does not make a man more religious the mere act of believing in the existence of a God is not enough. An atheist has a unique capacity to believe in a divine being, yet most refuse to honour Him.

An atheist lives in a constant contradiction on his rational beliefs and the current state of his life. However, atheists flourish in their reverence on the belief of a nonexistent deity.