Does The Cosmic Existence Reveal God’s Reality?

Everything has a reason for coming to be this includes the cosmos. Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist, suggests that the universe simply exists. Therefore, the big question is, ‘Does the cosmos have a purpose or does it simply exists?’

The Big Bang Theory

Atheistic scientists seek to avoid any theological implications about this theory by redefining it in a way it would avoid the need for God. They eliminate having the need of a powerful divine being by attempting to create something from nothing through quantum physics or by claiming that the universe creation does not necessarily need an explanation.

Infinite Power

Both the theist and the atheist acknowledge the fact that the big bang theory was because of unlimited raw power. This raw power is without a doubt the result of a divine being. Atheists go to great extents to deny that the big bang never happened.

This explanation is not sufficient to explain the insight of how the universe was created and how through physical laws, heavenly bodies continue to move even today. It is curious to see that the sceptically minded people who do not want a rational explanation of how the cosmos came to be are intellectually satisfied with the explanation that the universe simply exists.