Catholic Church As A Force For Good: How Real Is It?

The western civilization can be greatly attributed to the Catholic Church. However, atheists say that there is no amount of good that the church can do to outweigh the evil it has done. There is without a doubt that the church has committed some malicious acts, but is they enough to consider it completely evil?

There are three principal evils that the church is said to be guilty of. The first is religious violence. The Catholic Church is guilty of sparking up fights with other religions. Secondly are the priest scandals in which the adversaries of the Catholic Church attribute to the celibacy of the priests. Finally, is the ill-treatment of women by the Catholic Church.

Despite the flaws of the church, it is still a force to reckon. Without her, humanity will be extinct. For the continuity of humanity, we can conclude that the church is a force of good.